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Hover Quest is a project in development primarily for the Oculus Quest, and it starts with your very own futuristic hover ship. Control it with an interactive dual throttle system and traverse an infinite landscape. Jump off of hills, drift sharp turns, try the loop de loop if you dare. This game uses extreme locomotion and is not recommended for those prone to VR induced motion sickness.

In-vehicle controls:

  • Press and hold the Oculus button to center your view.
  • Grab the dual throttles with grip buttons and move your hands to control them. Push both throttles forward to accelerate. Pull either throttle backward to turn in that throttle's direction. Pull them both backward to reverse.
  • Press and hold either trigger button (or both) to lose traction and engage drifting. Let go to recover traction.
  • Press the B or Y button (or both) to align your ship with the terrain. This is necessary for things like wall riding and loops. Warning: this is also considerably more intense in terms of motion sickness.

This project is currently in the early alpha/prototype stage. There is no tutorial or menu at the moment, and you will be dropped immediately into the cockpit.

Hover Quest Discord: https://discord.gg/fNeykyQ
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonofthestorm
Use SideQuest to install this and more on your Oculus Quest: https://sidequestvr.com/


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HoverQuestDemo_0.1.0.apk (Oculus Quest) 65 MB


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super fun game, the controls are so smooth that it is really satisfying to control the vehicle !


This game is really cool! Runs super smooth on the Quest. I would love to see this officially on the store at some point with multiplayer or races.

multiplayer races would be super badass!


Are you gonna release on Sidequest?

Yes! I just want to add at least one gameplay mechanic first.